League Rules

28 Games Later – NHL 13 GM Connected – League Rules

Last edit: 9/11/2012

Base Rules

  1. Rosters will be randomized to ensure a fair distribution of talent.
  2. You can control your team one or more ways:
       a) Solo, or one-vs-X play;
       b) Co-op, or two-vs-X play;
       c) OTP style, or up to 6-vs-X play;
       d) Coach, where you monitor the game in real-time, changing lines and adjusting strategies while the AI plays for you;
       e) AI, where you adjust your strategies and lines in advance and games are played and/or simulated without your interaction.
  3. All league games will be played on All-Star difficulty.
  4. The in-game message system should only be used to trash-talk one another.


  1. Scheduling will be set to TWO WEEKS. This allows two weeks for all teams to play any games within that schedule period.
  2. Scheduled games during that two-week period may be played in any order.
  3. The schedule will be advanced at the two-week mark without exception.
  4. The schedule may be advanced prior to the two-week mark provided a majority of league members vote to do so.
  5. Any games left unplayed when the schedule advances will be simulated.

Trades and Acquisitions

  1. Trades with AI-controlled teams may be reviewable at the commissioner’s discretion and/or on complaint from any league GM.
  2. Free agent signings – in particular, contract terms – may be reviewable at the commissioner’s discretion.
  3. Waiver claims are not reviewable.
  4. The review period for abuse of Trades or FA Signings will consist of an open discussion on the 28GL mailing list, but final decision will be made by the commissioner.
  5. Abuse of trades and/or FA signings could result in:
       a) nullification of trade/signing;
       b) forfeiture of draft picks, if possible;
       c) loss of GM privileges (suspension) for the remainder of that schedule period.

Post-Season Draft

  1. Post-season drafts are automated based on a Draft Priority List (DPL), per EA.
  2. You are responsible for your scouting and DPL assignments.
  3. CPU will draft for you automatically based on the DPL rankings and/or franchise needs in later rounds.


  1. You must notify the league if you expect you’ll be away for one or more schedule periods.
       a) This ensures opponents can plan games accordingly;
       b) Notifying the league ensures your roster will be protected against trades.
  2. Extended absence without notice, outside of holidays, means your team may be set to AI-controlled to ensure the league schedule progresses as expected.
  3. At the commissioner’s discretion and/or on complaint from any league member, inactive members may be permanently removed from the league pending league discussion.


  1. If you believe someone has resorted to cheese goals or some other method of unsportsmanlike play, record the replay using in-game tools or a phone/camera and send it to the commissioner.
  2. Complaints without video evidence will be ignored.
  3. After viewing, the commissioner will release the video to the league for discussion but final decision will be made by the commissioner.
  4. Cheating may result in:
    a) a warning, if first-time offense;
       b) forfeiture of the win, if applicable;
       c) forfeiture of draft picks, if possible.
  5. Continuing to cheat may result in:
       a) suspension of one or more schedule blocks;
       b) suspension through the remainder of the current season;
       c) full removal of GM control.


  1. The commissioner for the first season will be Jay (GT: jaarons)
  2. The commissioner for subsequent seasons will be determined by league discussion and/or vote on completion of playoffs.
  3. At any time, if any league member feels the commissioner is derelict of duty and/or not performing as expected, the league may conduct a vote to remove that commissioner and appoint a replacement, per EA.

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